COVID-19: Updated advice – 23rd March 2020

The Prime Minister has issued specific COVID-19 guidance for the 1.5million most vulnerable people living with chronic illness in the UK. This advises ‘shielding’ measures to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 infection and the risks from COVID-19 disease.

The British Society of Gastroenterology have placed people with Crohn’s and Colitis into three groups:

  1. Highest risk – the government advises people in this group to follow strict self-isolation guidelines for at least 12 weeks.
  2. Moderate risk – government advice for people in this category is to strictly follow social distance guidelines.
  3. Lower risk – this is the same level of risk as for the general population. Everyone is advised to follow the government’s advice on social distancing, avoiding social gatherings and crowded places and working from home if you can.

You are strongly advised to carry on taking your medication, as stopping your medication will put you at higher risk.

For more details on social distancing and frequently asked questions please visit: