Expert Q&A with Mr Daren Francis #CrohnsAndColitisAwarenessWeek

Expert Q&A with Mr Daren Francis, Consultant Laparoscopic, Colorectal and General Surgeon for #CrohnsAndColitisAwarenessWeek #IBD #SurgeryforIBD

What are the most common surgeries performed for Crohn’s and colitis? 00:06
Is surgery a cure? 01:36
Is there a difference in surgery for children and for adults? 01:54
Can surgery affect fertility? 02:16
With a reversible stoma, how often do they actually reverse? 02:51
What is the likelihood of relapse post surgery? 03:48
Has the rate of surgery reduced since newer medications have been more successful in treating IBD over the past few years? 04:20
How has surgery changed over the years? 04:51
Are surgeons keen to always do surgery or do they try and avoid it if they can? 05:20
Having performed many surgeries, is the overall feedback from patients positive or negative? 06:40

Thank you to Shimon Video Productions for filming and editing this video.