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Welcome to our recipe section where we will be constantly adding and updating our collection of gut friendly foods!

We know that everyone has different foods that agree/disagree with them so we will have a variety of recipes including gluten free, dairy free, low fibre and more. Please let us know how you get on and if there are any special diets/recipes you would like us to include and we will do our best to help!

While your diet is not a cause of your disease and changing your diet will not cure you, paying special attention to what you eat can help reduce and control your IBD symptoms.

It can be hard to figure out what food irritates your gut but the best way is to keep a food diary.  Write down every time you eat and any symptoms you experience.  You may find that certain foods make your symptoms worse.

During a flare up it can be helpful to:

  • Eat smaller meals at more frequent intervals
  • Reduce the amount of greasy or fried foods in your diet
  • Limit consumption of milk or milk products
  • Stick to a low fibre diet

While Crohn’s and Colitis are both evolving conditions and the symptoms you experience may change over time, understanding how different foods affect your digestive system can better prepare you to manage your condition and its effects on your life.

(source of information: www.ccfa.org)


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Lisa Roukin is a chef, teacher and writer, her main focus is developing gluten and wheat free recipes as she suffered with weight issues growing up as a child and in her adult life she identified that eating gluten was causing skin issues, psoriasis and mood swings . She runs her own business teaching private cookery lessons and demonstrations, based around her healthy way of eating. She has appeared on channel 4, cooked live on BBC Radio, and was a finalist on Gordon Ramsey’s the F Word. She is also a blogger for the Huffington Post and provides gluten-free recipes to Ocado, the world’s largest online food retailer.

Lisa has just published her first book, My Relationship with Food, which features 100 delicious recipes, each mirrored by beautiful photography. All the dishes are virtually gluten-free and see minimal use of dairy and refined sugars. The recipes are seasonal, helping you make the most of the best produce available to create nourishing meals. Perfect for those wishing to build on their repertoire, introducing you to some inspiring breakfasts, lunches, soups, sides, dinners and treats.

My relationship with food is available to order at www.myrelationshipwithfood.com, £25. (Launch price, £22)

Cook with Lisa
(m) +447956437404
(e) lisa@cookwithlisa.com
(w) www.cookwithlisa.com
(t) http://twitter.com/cookwithlisa

or golan

Or Golan has recently joined Soyo restaurant in Golders Green, previously having been head chef at Ottolenghi.   He also works as a private chef catering for events, charities and cooking demonstrations, specialising in South Mediterranean cuisine.

Or will be launching a fresh kosher food concept in West Hampstead where they will offer fresh salads, dips, patisserie and bakery to be eaten on the premises or as a take away.  They will also offer a meaty Shabbat meal service for collection or home delivery.

Contact Or:
(m) 07989 797425
(e) or@soyo.co.uk
(t) 020 8458 8788
Soyo Golders Green, 94 Golders Green Road, NW11 8HB

Chicken skewersHarry Stein is a successful investment broker by day and passionate and inspired chef by night! Harry feels happiest when he is in the kitchen cooking and loves to whip up new recipes for his wife and two children.

“My wife has ulcerative colitis and she doesn’t enjoy eating out as she has such a sensitive stomach.  So I bring the restaurant to her – I create delicious recipes that she can enjoy as she knows everything is fresh and won’t affect her stomach.”

Harry uses wholesome ingredients to create simple but sensational dishes.

To contact Harry email him at chefharrystein@gmail.com

Dr Michelle Braude 1Born in sunny South Africa and raised in London, Dr Michelle Braude qualified as a medical doctor from University College London (UCL) and additionally completed a BSc degree in Nutrition at King’s College London.

Instead of pursuing hospital medicine, Michelle chose to combine her academic qualifications with her personal passions for health, wellness and nutrition, and started her own independent business and nutrition practice called The Food Effect.  Michelle helps countless people change their health and well-being (& ultimately their lives!), through optimum diet and nutrition, in a manner that still allows them to enjoy life and most importantly good food!

She is also an avid cook and baker, spending any free time experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with delicious, healthy recipes.  She has her own blog at www.thefoodeffect.co.uk but she is delighted to now contribute to Jewish Digest!  Through guiding her clients, as well as via her growing public and online profiles, Michelle’s mission is to teach the world to eat well, enabling everyone to look and feel their best!

Follow Dr Michelle Braude on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

jackie kestLA based foodie Jackie Kest enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and creating healthy and delicious recipes for her family and friends.

Check out more of Jackie’s heavenly recipes at www.fabologie.com



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