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You can make a difference to someone affected by IBD in the Jewish community. 

Many people with Crohn’s or colitis find it invaluable to chat to someone who’s been through a similar experience. The Buddy System aims to connect people with IBD by partnering those with similar health conditions to create a safe space to talk and to listen.

The goal of our Buddy System is to help people with IBD share knowledge, experience, practical tips, and community resources, while also helping those with IBD provide social and emotional support to each other.

Please fill out the short questionnaire and we will find the right buddy for you.


For those newly diagnosed or those with IBD who would like some support, click on the form to request an IBD Buddy:


Ready to offer support? Want to make a difference to someone else with IBD? Volunteer to be an IBD Buddy:

If you are a parent of a child with IBD, and would like to speak to another parent, please fill in this form:

Once a match has been found, we will notify you and we will put you in touch with your buddy once this has been approved. Your information is strictly confidential – we  will not pass on or share your details with anybody else.

The buddy service is for support over the phone or by email/text.

We take no responsibility for these matches other than introducing people.

You can email us at with any questions/comments.

Thank you,

From the Jewish Digest Team

“Having an IBD buddy to chat to when I was first diagnosed was really comforting as none of my friends have IBD and don’t really understand what it means.” 

“When my daughter went to Israel for the year I didn’t know where to begin or how to navigate the Israeli medical system. Having an IBD buddy who had just been through the same experience and who could help me through the process was invaluable.”




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