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Many people with Crohn’s or colitis find it useful to chat to someone who’s been through a similar experience. If you’d like to talk to someone, please fill out the questionnaire below and we will do our best to find the right person for you.

The buddy service is for support over the phone or by email.

Request an IBD Buddy:

 If you are a parent of a child with IBD, please fill in the questionnaire on behalf of your child and let us know how old your child is in the comments box.

You can also email us at with any questions/comments.

You could make a difference to someone affected by IBD in the Jewish community. 

If you are willing to be a “buddy” please fill out the short questionnaire and we will be in touch with you to match you to the right person.

Be a Buddy:

Thank you,

From the Jewish Digest Team

Once a match has been found, we will notify you and you will be emailed the other person’s name and email address. Your information is strictly confidential – we  will not pass on or share your details with anybody else. We take no responsibility for these matches other than introducing people.


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