Yael’s story

Meet Yael – mother of 3 with Crohn’s

I was diagnosed with colitis at the age of 14. I went through all the regular treatments including Infliximab, until Azathioprine was prescribed that kept me stable for long periods of time. Eventually I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease which became fistulising Crohn’s disease.

After the birth of my daughter I had a serious flare up and soon after that I developed a fistula which grew worse over the years. My health declined and it grew hard to lead a normal life. It got to the point when a total pan proctocolectomy was my only option and I was operated on in 2001 at the age of 25 and fitted with an ileostomy.

After some post-op complications, my life took a turn for the better. I was able to work, eat and sleep better and the constant pain was gone.

It is true that life is not perfect after an ileostomy but it’s much better than what it was.

I have to be careful with certain foods and try to avoid blockages. Also leakages are not unheard of (especially in the hot summer) and swimming is much more limited nowadays.

After the operation my medication was stopped but complications arose so I needed to go back on them and take them to this day.

Since then, I have had a successful twin pregnancy and delivery with the ileostomy and looking back it was a hard but necessary step to take.