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healthy eating evening-156Jewish Digest presents: Meet the Foodie Experts – Healthy Food Event

Tuesday 24th May 2016

As part of the Kinloss Education, Culture & You Programme , Crohn’s and Colitis charity Jewish Digest together with  Kinloss hosted the first ever Healthy Food Event  on Tuesday  to the delight of around two hundred enthusiastic spectators. A group of acclaimed foodie experts addressed the issues many of us encounter in the constant search for quick and easy kosher recipe ideas that support the health and well being of ourselves and our families,  presenting a tempting display of tasters, snacks and food bites.

Deborah Eckstein who together with Jonathan Jay founded Jewish Digest, said: “We are fortunate to be part of a beautiful heritage and a wonderful Jewish community but it does come with the downside that Ashkenazi Jews are approximately four times more likely to develop Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis) than non Jews in the same country. There is no cure yet and for many people living with IBD can be a huge struggle and impact on their lives in unforeseeable ways.  Jewish Digest was set up as an online community to provide information, support and advice to deal with the everyday challenges it brings. Although there is as yet no definitive study that demonstrates that diet has any effect in patients with IBD, for many people food does play an important part in helping to control their symptoms.”

Author and cook Lisa Roukin discussed ways in which making healthy food can become part of our lifestyle. Integrative nutritionist and holistic health coach Devori Nussbaum described how our craving for sugar impacts unfavourably on our well being, contributing to chronic inflammatory conditions and even affecting the brain to the point where our powers of concentration are disturbed by a sugar overload.

Kosher nutritionist Eve Noe shared some delicious recipes beneficial to health and Dr Michelle Storfer was kept busy answering queries involving health and nutrition. Rebecca of Rebecca’s Kitchen made easy, healthful snacks from just a handful of ingredients for people to taste and try at home.  A nutritionist from Highfield Vitamins responded to questions about the use and value of the company’s kosher vitamins and food supplements, including probiotics. Or Golan, former Ottolenghi chef shared some easy, healthy dishes and energising juices.


Look forward to seeing you there!

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